Product Launches at Clean India Technology Week 2023

NGM Asia Pacific’s Wash & Dry 2 in 1 Air Tap Hand Dryer

● It reduces the need for multiple machines.

● Its technology combines the quick wet and dry effects.

● Its elegant look is attractive and easy to use.

● One can enjoy the safety and health benefits.


● Fast induction

● Water saving facilities

● Its sensing type is touch- free infrared

● It has an electric shock safeguard Type II.

● It consists of a high quality motor

● Contact-less and more hygienic.

● Wash and dry hands at the sink, no need for a separate drying area.






Praras Biosciences’ U Block ACTIV®

Water consumption and malodour management have long been pressing issues associated with traditional urinals. Praras®, a pioneer in sustainable solutions, has developed a product called U Block ACTIV®, that revolutionises the way urinals are kept clean. By harnessing the power of specially selected bio-enzymes, U Block ACTIV® eliminates malodorous compounds found in urine, degrades uric acid and provides deep cleaning, ultimately rendering urinals waterless.


Fresh Water Savings: U BLOCK ACTIV® does not use any water for flushing, which can significantly reduce water usage in buildings with a lot of restrooms and footfall. This can be especially beneficial in areas with drought conditions or water shortages.

Environmental Benefits: In addition to saving water, U BLOCK ACTIV® can also have a positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of natural waste (BOD) in the water body.

Easy to Use: U BLOCK ACTIV® is placed inside a polymer casing. The casing can be used multiple times. Once the U BLOCK ACTIV® dissolves 100%, a new block can be placed inside the casing. Please note the casing should be thoroughly washed, cleaned, and dried before use.

Improved Hygiene: U BLOCK ACTIV® can be more hygienic because of competitive exclusion, the infection causing bacteria will be eliminated.

Potential applications and target industries:

They are useful in public restrooms or other facilities where a large number of people use the restrooms on a daily basis, such as airports, malls & supermarkets, railways etc.


● Product: U BLOCK ACTIV®

● Net Weight: 50g & 80g/Block.

● Form: Solid

● Color: Cream to brown color

● Solubility: Very slightly Soluble

● Fragrances: Soap Comp (can be made available in various fragrances)

● Life/usages: 50/100 usage

● Packaging: Polythene

● Storage temperature: Idle storage temperature is below 25 ℃

● Shelf life: 1 years (When store as supplied in air tight plastic packaging; store in dry & moisture free condition)







Tork Vision Cleaning’s data driven cleaning solutions

The intelligent system uses a combination of digital cleaning software and sensors that monitor visitor traffic and hygiene product consumption levels. This empowers cleaning teams with new
and smarter ways of working. Explore how Tork Vision Cleaning can help you boost hygiene and quality, maximize efficiency and create a safer environment – all using data, not guesswork.


● People counters show real-time visitor traffic data to target the right areas at the right times

● Real-time data from connected restroom dispensers keep you informed about refill levels reducing unnecessary dispenser checks. Cleaners and FM teams get more time back in their day by eliminating unnecessary tasks like dispenser checks and reduce wasted products by refilling at the right time

● Solve issues before they arise

● Create a safe and hygienic environment

● Drive sustainability

● Maximize efficiency and get extra time

● Report on performance

Potential applications and target industries – Facility Management Companies operating multi- tenant buildings or class A & B commercial office buildings


Tork Vision Cleaning Hardware includeS – People counters, Dispenser Sensors & Gateway with a built in sim. It provides real time data from people counters and connected dispensers
through two separate applications that work together – Cleaner Application & Manager Application/Dashboard






Marker Electronic Equipments’ pest management solutions

Make your premises dust Free, insect free & rat free with immediate effect. All the latest gadgets at one stop. Manufacturer of ‘PESTOP’ Fly Catcher from last 30 years.






Soma Specialties’ Supremop Wet Mopping Machine

The Supremop is a revolutionary & unique concept in cleaning floors by wet mopping. Generally, floors are either cleaned manually by mopping or with floor scrubbing machines. But manual mopping can be too slow and laborious while scrubbing floors daily with machines & harsh abrasives can cause the floors to lose their lustre. So the Supremop fills this void – introducing automation for mopping the floors.

Not just that, in manual mopping, the janitor uses the same water for cleaning the floors which have already gotten dirty due to continuous dipping of the mop in the bucket. But with the Supremop, every drop that comes out for cleaning is fresh water so the floors are cleaner than through the manual mopping process. Besides, it also reduces consumption of water & chemicals by 90%, creates great savings in labour costs, chemical costs, water costs & time, increases personal hygiene & safety of operators by eliminating dirtying of hands, eliminates risks of injuries caused due to slipping on wet floors.

Applications: The machine is available in cable & battery formats which makes it most ideal for schools, colleges, malls, airports, railway stations, hospitals, canteens, banquet halls, hotels, laboratories etc.






Vac Clean’s VAC A55 walk-behind scrubber drier

● Available in both electric and battery-powered versions

● LED light to observe the floor dust clearly

● Two separate places to fill the clean water tank

● Sucker width greater than 750 m

Applications: Suitable for malls, factories, parking lots and manufacturing units






















Vibasafe’s nanobubble ozone technology

On site generation systems are the latest approach to cleaning and sanitising, whereby you make your own cleaning liquid using plain tap water and electricity at your facility.

● No more chemicals, no more toxins, no more rinsing, zero residue surfaces.

● Eliminate plastic packaging / Hazardous chemical storage / worker health issues.

● At 2 paise per litre, on site generation systems pay for themselves within no time. Above all, The Green Seal Certification confirms that sustainability need not be a compromise for high performance cleaning.

● Be it rust stains, bird poop or a fresh coffee stain, the nanobubble technology cleans and sanitises without any effort.

Products: Fill stations, caddies, battery powered Cleanpak and electrostatic sprayer the ‘EMIST’.











STIHL high pressure washers

STIHL is a German manufacturer of outdoor power tools. They offer a wide range of cleaning equipment for both household as well as professional usage. The pressure washers are designed on German technology and are robustly built to last. Powered by electricity, they feature high-quality commercial grade components that can withstand even the toughest cleaning jobs.

In India, the company offers almost 15 models from entry level to professional series, that allow tough cleaning jobs to be handled with ease. The high-quality, powerful and easy-to-use
pressure washers have multiple


● Powerful pumps: To remove even the toughest dirt and debris.

● Durable construction: They feature a corrosion-resistant frame.

● Easy to use: easy to use, even for first-time users.

● Wide range of accessories: For customising them for any cleaning job.

Applications & Target Industries:

The entry level models (RE 80, RE 80x) offer ease of cleaning for any household user to clean vehicles, walkways & home exteriors. The semi professional ones (RE 120+, RE150) cater to
garages, offices, clubhouses, while the professional ones (RE 272, RE 462+) offer large area

cleaning & maintenance required at hotels, resorts, cowsheds, hospitals and big commercial & educational institutes.

The models offer robust water pressure ranging from 120 bar to 150 bar, while the water throughput ranges from 400 to 1100+ litres per minute.






Vileda Professional’s pre-prepared mops

Vileda Professional’s pre-prepared method with double-sided Evolon based microfiber mops helps to bring down the overall cleaning cost by minimum 40%.


● Reduction in uses of water and chemical up to 80%

● No need for wring or re-dipping

● 0% cross contamination

● Sustainable products that have a minimal product footprint

● Reduces the cleaning time by more than 50% from today’s bucket system

● Ergonomic design. Lesser fatigue and better workplace safety.

● Saving of administrative time and cost

● Three step cleaning in One-Go


● Made of finest microfibers with Evolon technology

● Ideal for all mopping solution and designed for robust re-use up to 900 times.

● Up to 99.99% bovine coronavirus removal from vinyl surfaces tested at a 3 rd party lab

● Pre-prepared use.

● Reduced chemical and water consumption.

● Eco-friendly made of recycled material


● Combination of endless microfibre and nano silver particles

● Up to 99.99% bacteria removal

● Up to 99.99% virus removal (tested with bovine coronavirus on vinyl surfaces

● No growth of bacteria or germs on clothes

● Robust re-use up to 900 times


● Superior cleaning performance

● Can pick up 0.15micron of bacteria/Virus (99.86% bovine coronavirus) or residue without using chemical

● Comes with high durability upto 400 washes

● Endless fibres for lint-free cleaning results

● MicronQuick comes in blue, red, yellow and green.

● Use the colours to differentiate between cleaning areas. Superior washing resistance

Target segments: Healthcare, Controlled Environment, General Building Cleaning and HoReCa.






Steam Buddy’s steam cleaning solutions

Latest innovations across products:

● New LCD Screen for all information at one place.

● Machine will troubleshoot itself.

● Breather valve mechanism for dry steam.

● New accessories for more applications.

● Carbon cleaning is upgraded with LCD screen for all information.

● It is more reliable and bigger in capacity.

All machines now have more power and performance and are more futuristic.