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Championing Cleanliness…

“Why is the Show only for three days? You need to keep it open for a week.”

This spontaneous reaction by Smt Sheila Dikshit, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi, at the Clean India Show 2010 at NSIC Grounds, Okhla, set the pace for the three-day annual cleaning event. The very fact that she set apart time to inaugurate the show and spent quality time visiting the stalls, has been motivating. For years, Clean India Journal and Clean India Shows have been trying to impress upon our leaders that unless they recognise and support the campaign for cleanliness of very high standards, all our efforts will not bear the optimum results. The visit of the Chief Minister of Delhi has indeed increased the enthusiasm of the Indian Cleaning Industry.

The organiser of the show, Virtual Info Systems Pvt Ltd has now bigger challenges ahead – of not just expanding the scope of the Trade Show, but also of continuously facilitating the interaction between leaders & decision makers and the Indian Cleaning industry. Clean India Journal has always been taking those extra steps to bring the Indian Cleaning Industry to a higher level and also to highlight the need for adapting scientific cleaning practices.

As the Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt Dikshit has been encouraging the use of cleaning equipment for city cleaning and new technology for maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness in public places. In India, we seldom show eagerness to change. Anything which requires effort and realignment is received with resistance. We need mechanisation and newer approach to cleaning. Smt Dikshit is quite aware of the needs.

  • Are the Civic Departments participating in the show?
  • It will be beneficial for all the departments concerned to visit the show and understand the latest cleaning technology available in India today.
  • We need cleanliness and hygiene solutions for schools, hospitals and public places.
  • What are the equipment on display for road cleaning?
  • Would the road sweeper remove stubborn mounts of mud off the streets
  • How does the microfibre wipe clean more effectively?
  • How are the cleaning chemicals used? Are these made available?
  • Can the industry provide mobile mosquito control systems?

These are some of the views/questions raised by the CM. Scientific washroom hygiene solutions attracted her attention, so also chemical dozing systems & dispensers and bins for waste management. She encouraged exhibitors to explain to her the features of their products/systems. The CM discussed at length with Clean India Journal about its role in taking the clean movement forward and bringing the cleaning industry and the Government closer. “I am open to more interactions to understand various technologies the industry can provide,” she said. She appreciated the fact that the cleaning industry is giving employment to a very large number of unskilled workers. At the same time, “It is very essential to train the existing municipal cleaning staff too.”

The deep understanding and interest shown by Smt Dikshit have set a new momentum to the “cleanliness and hygiene” movement and we are thankful to her. Also visiting the show over the three days were senior officials from different government organisations.

What more? Shri Kamal Nath, the hon’ble Minister for Road Transport and Highways, sent his officers to gather information on the latest cleaning technology and solutions. “I am happy you are organising shows on cleanliness and hygiene solutions. Apart from the mechanised cleaning of roads and highways, I am also interested to know about the cleaning technologies and usage of equipment in various areas. It is high time we give professional cleaning its due. I am going through the literature collected by my officers,” said the Minister to Clean India Journal. We also received a letter from Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad, hon’ble Minister of Health & Family Welfare, wishing the show all success.

The trend sure is positive; the scope is immense; the demand for mechanised and scientific cleaning solutions is on the rise. And the journey to create awareness about the need for cleaner environment continues…..

Clean India Journal, which began its journey in 2005 with the sole vision of being the prime facilitator in creating a clean India, today reaches out to a vast cross section of readers across borders.

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