Exhibitor Profile

The Clean India Show reflects India’s growing awareness for cleaning, hygiene, and sanitation. The expo is the ultimate platform to accelerate innovations, new technologies, open key discourses on the growth of India’s facility management trends and enable companies achieve their cleaning and hygiene goals. The event attracts a large turnout of qualified visitors & delegates from 60+ segments , government departments as well as private organisations.

Exhibitor Segments

Cleaning Equipment

  • Vacuum, Scrubber Dryers, High Pressure jets, Sweepers
  • Robotic machines, Steam cleaning machines
  • Industrial cleaning machines

Cleaning Chemicals

  • Surfaces Cleaning, Polishing, Finishing
  • Eco-friendly, Green & Bio Chemicals
  • Product Cleaning & Sanitization & Washroom Hygiene

Cleaning Tools

  • Housekeeping (mops, brushes, wipes, trolley, wringers, dispensers, dosing systems)

Washroom Hygiene

  • Floor cleaning machines, Dispensers, Tissues, Hand dryers, Auto janitors, scrubbers & wipes, disinfectants, bins, sanitary vending machines-recycler-disposal bins, air purifier, urinal solutions (screens, cubes), waterless urinal, seat covers, brushes, chemicals, safety products, squeegees, mops

Pest Management

  • Fogging, tools & machines, pest control solutions, sprays & gels, green solutions, digital monitoring systems, software, repellent, pest elimination & fly catchers

Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Cleaning Tools/Equipment, Automated Machines & Systems, Robotic Machines 
  • Tools & Semi-automated Tools
  • Treated water system

HVAC, Duct Cleaning

Spares & Accessories & Consumables

  • Floor Pads, Filters, Nozzles, Hose, Squeegee, Mops, Discs/Holder, brushes, Mop handle & head holder, Mats, hose, sprays, power tools, dustbins, garbage bags, safety products, vacuum motors, wipes, wheels


  • Labelling, Bottling, Bottle & lid manufacturers, Eco-friendly and recycled dispensers for chemicals, spraying system, brush-making machine, bristles, disposable sachets, packaging material, packaging machines, vacuum packaging, sealing


  • Sweeping, Mowing, Trimming tools and machines, Grass cutters
  • Gutter cleaning, drain cleaning, furniture cleaning tools

Software’s for FM, Automation, Integration

Air Quality & Indoor Environment

  • Far UVC, purifier, ions

Concurrent Expos